e juice

Vaping has taken the world by storm with it being touted as a safe alternative to smoking cigarettes and its ability to make them quit smoking as well. But what exactly is vape liquid made of?

Ingredients in Ejuice

  • Vegetable Glycerin: This is one of the two main ingredients that make up the vape-liquid. It is an organic compound that makes up the vapour base and is responsible for those characteristic thick clouds. It is also known to have a sweet taste and gives a smooth hit with no throat hit.
  • Propylene Glycol: This is the other main ingredient in an eliquid. It is a much thinner base and produces little vapour but it is responsible for the strong throat hit. It is regarded as the carrier for the flavour.
  • Nicotine: If you want your Eliquid to have nicotine then you will have to get a special nicotine liquid which is available in vapes stores. This is because nicotine on its own (undiluted) is poisonous. So it is extremely important to handle nicotine carefully as even a little of undiluted nicotine can cause acute sicknesses, permanent blindness and even death. Always wear proper protective clothing when handling the nicotine juice. Wear both gloves and eye protection.
  • Flavouring: This is what determines the taste and smell of the vapours you will be vaping. There are plenty of flavours out on the market from common ones like strawberry or banana to more weird flavours like cheesecake or bubblegum. You can experiment with different flavouring agents and see which one works out the best. You can even mix and match flavours to get a whole new experience; like for example, strawberry banana.

These major ingredients are usually the only ingredients when it comes to ejuices but that doesn’t mean just mixing these ingredients together will result in a good vape liquid. For each vape liquid, there is a recipe which lays out the proportions of these ingredients for a specific type of experience. This can be tweaked by changing the proportions as well. If you want more dense smoke with no throat hit you could increase the amount of VG or vegetable glycerin whereas you want more throat hit dial up on the PG or propylene glycol. Learn more about pg and vg ratios here. A good starting point is a 50-50 ratio which gives moderately dense vapor clouds and moderate throat hit. But it is a process which means trial and error.

You can also find many tried and tested recipes online. To make your calculations easier, there are many online calculators that will tell you exactly how much quantity of each ingredient is needed in a desired amount of liquid.